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Are my plants packaged?

Yes, you receive the order in a tied and tagged plastic bag. The plants are inspected and graded, sorted and counted, roots are dipped in water and packed with some sphagnum moss, and then the order is bagged and tagged.

Do I need to fertilize?

Conifers - no, hardwoods and shrubs ok but conservative. Fertilizing newly-planted conifers make the plant look good, but actually causes stress by offsetting the root to shoot ratio with too much top and not enough root. For hardwoods and shrubs use a light application of 10-10-10 in early fall. Avoid fertilizer containing weed killer or herbicides. A plant sends roots further and deeper if it is not fertilized or watered.  

Do I need to water?

Water only if the soil is dry. During the first couple years of growth a periodic watering during dry periods can significantly improve plant vigor. Water deeply, and allow the soil to dry before the next watering.

How late can I order?

Orders will be accepted from January 1 until April 27th. Trees Minnesota pre-orders set quantities from our growers months in advance.  When the supplies run-out it can be difficult to get more later in the season.

How soon should I plant?

It is important to plant your conifers first as they are the most sensitive to transplant shock. Most hardwoods and shrubs acclimate best if the buds are allowed to just begin to open before planting. With all bare-root plants, the sooner you plant them - the less risk of transplant shock there is.

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Temporary order storage?

If you must store your order, try to plant within a week and store in a cool-sheltered place located out of direct sunlight. You may want to check the bag periodically to be sure to keep the roots moist during storage.

What is a 2-1 Transplant?

It is a three-year old plant that has been grown in a seedbed for two-years, then transplanted to another bed for one-year to provide room for root and crown development. A four-year old plant is a 2-2, a five year old plant is a 2-3 etc.

When do I get my order ?

Spring 2017 Order pick-up is scheduled on Friday and Saturday May 5-6, from 9-5 at the Fairgrounds in Bemidji.  - Below the Firetower -