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Planting Trees During the Fall Season

After mid-August, trees have stopped growing for the year and are busy storing energy in preparation for winter dormancy. The tops have stopped growing, but the roots continue to grow and continue to seek moisture and nutrients up to a time when the soil surface is nearly frozen.

One advantage of fall planting is that the tree is not in the process of using its energy to grow above ground, but instead is busy storing energy and setting more roots below ground. This capture of both fall and spring moisture allows the tree to begin its next growing season fully prepared for vigorous growth.

Advantages of Containerized and Potted Trees

  • Easy to plant. 
  • High survival rates. 
  • Fast production of new roots. 
  • Better suited to dry-sandy sites than bare-root stock. 
  • Jump start growth by one to two years vs. bare-root stock. 
  • May be planted when convenient during Spring, Summer or Fall. 
  • Root system is encapsulated in growing medium which protects the fine feeder roots and prevents transplant shock.